Saturday, December 09, 2017

Welcome to my Christmas Tour 2017. Decorations have definitely downsized but its still Festive.
Descriptions with each individual photo. Only 16 More Sleeps.


1st glimpse that it is Christmas

Not strictly Christmas but Middleson made
this for me.

My Austraian Nativity Quilt

and into the Lounge

Downsized Christmas Tree 

The 1st Quilted Wallhanging

Albert and Gregory wish You a Merry Christmas

          The Dining Room - The Christmas Quilt I designed myself

Posh Santa Club


El Cheapo Santa Gang

The Girls say Merry Christmas


Anne said...

Your home looks lovely, Sheila. Love your Santa collection. Thank you for sharing it all. Take care. Sue in West Australia

Vireya said...

Thanks for the tour! Even the cooks get some decorations!

I have been slack this year and haven't put out any Christmas stuff yet.

Sarah said...

Very festive!

Elaine Adair said...

Yeahhhh - you sneaked in this post while I was Christmasing! I skimmed thru your lovely decorations, and stopped short on the quilt rack - I have one almost the same, made by DH! and it's currently full of stuff both hanging and on the top rail. I don't have a curve back behind the rail.

Nice to "see" you again ... you have so many really lovely holiday items - I especially like your dining area, in the pretty white table/chairs. My place could do with some sprucing up. Elaine Adair

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