Friday, October 13, 2017

What a difference a week, a visit to the Doctor, the Physio and the Podiatrist makes ...... not forgetting the Voltaren Osteo Gell and my trusty hot water bottle.
Middleson and The Daughter think it funny because I 'plan' but I am endeavouring to be as Independent as I usually have been. And I know if I need to get a Home Help the first thing they will do is say "ok that can be organised but ..... first we have to assess the safety" and that means handrails etc etc. ...and I am not keen on the ones they will do. So I have slowly been making my home safe for me. Hence the new bathroom will pass. But I have steps at the front and back door, so a hand rail is needed. Middleson is taking care of this. We have planned from the simple tubular one to the exotic fancy wrought iron one. But yesterday decided on a nice simple wooden one So a trip to Bunnings was in order and yesterday he made a start. He is a very conscious worker, This is a photo of work in progress.

Of course whilst at Bunnings I needed to pay the obligatory purchase of plants.


Vireya said...

Your hanging baskets are looking great with flowers already! I've planted up half a dozen of them, but I'm not expecting any flowers for a while yet.

R & E said...

Oh yes, safety!! We just installed grab bars in shower area, seemingly for DH, but I really love them! We also have the climbing chair so DH can access the lower level if he chooses. Frankly, after a long day, I really enjoy taking a ride myself! Saves these old knees.

BTW, that guy is handsome! 8-))) Elaine Adair

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