Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Well laid plans -
All set last night quilting packed,
lunch organised. Bed reasonably early .... but awoke this morning everything fine ..... when suddenly this most terrible pain, like cramp grabbed my upper leg. It has been niggling before. I could walk ok and came to the kitchen and by this time I was putting my head up and down on the bench top thinking what do I do ...... I have this dread, call it refusal to go to hospital or a nursing home. So panamax and dencorub and heat seemed liked a good thing plus walking (hobbling) up and down the lounge. As it eased a shower seemed like a good idea. Think this helped. Then waited with bated breath until 8.30 and rang Drs. Managed to get a 10.00 appointment with a new Dr. (bit dubious at this). She was very nice and suggested Physio. ummmm anyway Physio practices next door and managed to get an appointment in 40 mins. Still very dubious about this...... but what a wonderful Young Man, probably young enough to be my grandson. He massaged and had me try to do various things. All this time I was saying .... I'm not going to hospital. He must have thought me neurotic, but assured me that wasn't going to happen, So I have 3 mild exercises (The Scots sitting up there rolling his eyes) panamax 4 times a day until it feels better and the hot water bottle. And I will take a short walk (well waddle to the end of Crescent each day. And when I was home my lovely neighbour/friend Lynette made me a welcome coffee and delicious lunch. So no Carrum Downs Quilting Group for me this month.


Vireya said...

Hope the physio exercises etc are doing their job, and you feel better soon.

R & E said...

Oh my - muscle spasm? Perhaps? Hope you're doing better. Elaine Adair
(I include my name because sometimes I use my home/shared "account" and I'm never sure which is the right way. ?? slow me.

Helen from Hobart said...

Dear Sheila
Please Please Please NEVER ignore pain in the legs.
My brilliant quilting friend Shirley Campbell died because she didn't think it was important.
Hers was a blood clot that went straight to her heart and killed her before the ambulance arrived.
She saw 2 doctors earlier that day, and had she mentioned the dull ache in her leg. either of them would have sent her straight to hospital which would have saved her.
I still miss her terribly.
There are worse things than going to hospital.
Ginormous Hugz
Helen from Hobart
PS Love your Christmas quilts and your gorgeous cross legged bear - such a character

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