Thursday, July 28, 2016


Goodness me, what a lot can happen in nearly 3 months.
But I feel the need to get blogging again, even knitting and most of all quilting.

I know my dear Scot wants me too, but it takes such a huge chunk out of ones life with the
passing of a Dear One.

He wanted no funeral, so he was cremated and The Princess and I picked up his Remains about one week later.
We choose an Urn to keep them in and now He is my Captive Audience (oh how he said I talked too much),

The first week I cant remember, but then the next few weeks were just a blur. But I knew what I must do.

My children are scattered far and wide, but the two youngest have been pillows of strength, The Scot is proud as am I. But to Seal things, so to speak. We needed to wait for No1 Son to come from Taiwan. Working in the University it was difficult, but at the beginning of the month we all met.

I wanted the Children (and of course Middle Sons Wife who is most certainly part of our family) to write a note to their Father, and we would then burn them. I wanted them to contain their own special words. And place them with him in the urn. We did this on Friday and then we had nibbles and chatted. To me A Perfect Time. And strangely enough since then, I seem to have found that All is Still Well in My World.

Our Wonderful Offspring, of whom I am very proud.  The first time they have met up for 10 years.

My Heart will always be sad but slowly life is returning.


Vireya said...

How lovely to have all your offspring with you, and to conduct a special memorial ritual together.

retdairyqueen said...

Life must go on but we have our special memories to help us through xx

Sally Westcott said...

I am so sad to hear that The Scot has gone. I know the void you have in your life. I am still trying to find my new place in the world after Mark died. Hugz

Sarah said...

❤️ Love to you and your family.

Helen from Hobart said...

It's funny how important it is to be all together and to talk of your loved one. And then it seems as if time starts to flow again.
Found this with my mother's death last year in UK. I was the one who was not there at the time, and we all had to put our lives on hold until there was space for the funeral and cremation. I was so very glad I had pushed though all the obstacles and finally got there.

quiltmom anna said...

So saddened to hear of the passing of your dear scot- May you continue to find yourself surrounded by the loving caring hands of others during the difficult times. So nice that your children were able to be with you. Sincere condolences and a big cyber hug from Canada,
Warmest regards,
quiltmom Anna

Julie said...

What a beautiful blog post and I think the urn you have chosen is spectacular. I think about you often and hope you re well.
kind regards,
Julie Donovan

Elaine Adair said...

that Scot is one handsome guy! Thank you for including his photo in your post. I am thinking of you, difficult to write, thru my tears. Your write so well, and with such gentle humor - I am sending you a hug!

Molly Bon said...

Birdy --- Don't know how I missed this! One of your sons looks the image of his father though they all have a look of him. Glad things are not so bleak. I laughed at how the Scot said you talk too much! The OC also would like me to convey whatever I have to say in five words or less which will never happen! Glad you have him now as your captive audience....Came here looking for a new post....Hmmm?

Elaine Adair said...

I am frequently thinking of you and the Scot - wish I could see some chirpy post again - maybe in time. IN meantime, know you are loved from across the big pond, and so often, are thought of, with warmth and a smile. Elaine Adair

ozjane said...

middle son looks so like his Dad. You can be proud of your family.

R & E said...

Dear Sheila - I hope you are able to come back soon - I miss you.

Andrea said...

I hope you come back, Sheila.

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