Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wednesday  he was cremated. He liked that, no more cold winds,no service he would have hated that but Richard and I had a lovely coffee but I asked him not to drive past the Crematorium. when we bring them home he will be truly happy. Until he hears all I have to tell. I like a captive audience. Sleep tight my lovable Scot.
And to all of you thank you, I wanted to send you a heart card I woud make but it seems he had tooooooo many lady friends. But he chose me and 56 years together is a long time. My kids are fantastic and so mature. Thank you one and all
I just cant believe the folk he had an effect on.  He will be cringing at all this attention and saying talk to them about quilting or something.  He hated attention    but oh boy I have found he left a HUGE footprint on this planet.

Thank you all

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Lindi said...

Love and hugs xx