Friday, April 15, 2016


Yes indeed, where did 2015 go,,,, were there really 12 months there.
And it looks like 2016 is going the same way.   Mother used to say when I was getting so excited and anxious for a birthday or Christmas...Don't wish your life away, it will go quickly enough" How right she was, I never dreamed I would get older, wiser? but here I am in my seventies and where did the time go.

The Scot is still with me..... just......... but its a battle, especially when he is the pessimist and I the optimist......... I try to jolly him but sometimes it just doesn't work.  But one thing that does is this''

He calls  it his Harem Quilt.  The blocks were 'heart blocks' I requested half square triangles,  made by members of my On Line Quilting group, and some from folk who read my blog.     This was about 6 years ago when he had his first round of chemotherapy.   He felt the cold, so I used the extra extra thick batting and tied it.    It received a lot of use that year,   and just on and off since.     But as we all know once the cancer is in the blood,   well.......      so he is now on another different course of chemo.  One injection every day for 7 days then 3 weeks rest,   this is one cycle.   Then we start another cycle.
The other night, I heard him say.... ummm time to get my favourite Harem Quilt out.    And there he sits during the evening, snug as a bug in a rug.   (He even takes it to bed as sometimes he feels the cold).

Well I think that's enough,   tomorrow I want to show you something different.   Middle son and his lovely wife visited on Tuesday and she gave me some lovely pieces of silk, that she had dyed using flora and fauna and I have a lovely idea for one of them,


retdairyqueen said...

It was so lovely to turn on Blogger and see you there
I have wondered about you both often xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see you blogging again birdie. xxxxx

pegsplace said...

Finally! I was getting rather worried about you Sheila. It is nice that you have posted and shared how you and The Scot are. I can sse that you still have creative juice and planning projects. Lovely quilt.