Saturday, April 16, 2016


Let me explain last Tuesday Middle  son and his lovely wife came for a visit (we don't see them often as its a few hours travel). 
Thanks to the heavens he found this lovely lass and she is very artistic, having acquired many skills, at the moment she love dying, but she chooses things from nature as her dye,.

Anyway she gave me a lovely bundle of pieces she had dyed.

Now this one shouts to me,     magpies,   like myself she has  a family of maggies who visit her garden, we talk to them and almost treat them like our children,

This is the piece,   it is made of silk,    not the kind I am familiar with but it has a lovely texture

I would like to add a family of 3, mum dad and baby magpies,  and add a little quilting and then make it into a wall quilt for her.

If any of you have tips about sewing on silk,  please let me know.


Vivian said...

That is gorgeous! I have worked stitching on Duponi silk is this similar? I put a piece of light fusible interfacing on the back to use as a stabilizer and a sharp needle.

Have fun!

Vireya said...

I don't really have any advice to offer - but it is a lovely dyed piece. I think the magpies will look good against that background. Could you assemble the magpies separately, then appliqué them to the background once they are complete?

I would use a very fine thread and a fine needle for any machine stitching on the silk.

Helen from Hobart said...

1 Add stabiliser so it doesn't wander about under the needle
OR do all stitching in a hoop and add stabiliser afterwards

2 Use a fine needle cos holes may be left visible

3 Use a fine thread - silk can be used in a machine

If you want to use paints, practise on a scrap piece, cos it may run more than on cotton (Don't bother asking me how I know that!)

Suzy said...

Glad you're back blogging - missed you but I do keep in contact with Phil through FB!