Sunday, January 04, 2015


I haven't made a very good start with my resolutions, but better late than never.

We have been having some VERY HOT weather here in Mulgrave, yesterday it reached 41 degrees.  Too hot for very much.   But fortunately we don't live in a bushfire area.   There have been some very bad bushfires maybe you can see some of the devastation here  

Last month I had a birthday, think I forgot to mention it.    Middle Son and his Chosen One sent me this card, which I really love and think I will leave it out all year.

Isn't it just the best.

I have been stitching  hopefully photos of progress tomorrow.

Also reading lots, I really must bring my list up to date.    There are some exceptionally good books out at the moment.

The Princess used to read a lot, but since moving to be Country she finds it difficult to get to good book shops.    So the middle of last year I bought her a Kindle, she loves it.   For Christmas I put money on her account so she can buy another as she finishes.  Her choice of reading is completely different to mine, so its best she chooses her own.

Don't know if I told you but I now also borrow digital e-books from our Public Library, well actually we are situated in the position where I have been able to join two.   So that gives me lots of choices of titles as well as the ones I buy from Audible.

The Christmas Santas and Wall Quilts have been taken down and packed away for another year.  December just goes so fast, it makes me think of my Mother, when I would say I cant wait for Christmas, Birthday or some such treat, she would say .... Don't wish you life away, it goes too quickly when you get older.


Vireya said...

Belated birthday wishes! Hope it was happy.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting birdie. Love the card! Just so you.
Your mother was quite right wasn't she? That old saying still does the rounds!
One room of decorations came down, dusted and packed yesterday. The big tree and sitting room decorations will be dealt with tomorrow. Very cold indeed - freezing fog here which has not cleared all day. Take care now and stay cool. xxxJulesxxx

Elaine Adair said...

Thinking of you - me, Lazy Elaine!!! New, different "reader", different camera transfers - jeeesh, just when a women learns how to do something techie, rules get changes!!! Glad my sewing machine stays the same. Stay cool!!

Elaine Adair said...

Me again! Hope all is tolerable -- apparently HOT from your last post in JANUARY!!!!! Good grief, next thing I know you will be off to Facebook! 8-(((

Thinking of you,
Elaine Adair