Sunday, December 28, 2014


Do you  make New Year Resolutions ..... I did when younger.... oh that was many moons ago, in the last century, the dark ages, sometimes I even feel before the wheel.

Seriously I have been giving thought to what I need to do.

  1.  Stop stressing , mainly about The Scot.  But just accept life and    -WHAT WILL HAPPEN   -WILL HAPPEN       -  whether I worry about it or whether I don't.
  2. Get my sewing sorted, will also help me keep No 1.    At the moment I flit from one project to another, and consequently get nothing done.
  3. I will post more on my blog.    As I do enjoy this, and it will help No1  and definitely No2 as I cant show you a project one day and then you don't see it again.

Yes that's it 3 New Year Resolutions for 2015.

We have had some beautiful weather over Christmas and here are three photos of The Scots Garden.

I am not allowed to touch his veggie and fruit garden, but don't tell him, as I rise earlier than he does I always take a walk around  'the Estate' and I have been known to have the pruning shears in my hand because he just doesn't  believe in pruning.   Even  Mark my guy who mows the lawns asked me if I could get Bill to cut back a few things.    He did but  I did a bit more whilst he was still sleeping. 
This afternoon I will take my box(es) of projects and sit on the swing seat to sort them out.
As the saying goes..... Watch this Space. 
and just to show how I will continue ...... I even dragged myself away from the Cricket, which was very exciting.
it may look wrong but remember it is a sphere and I am not sure I will still be completely sane when finished.   It even has the Scot baffled at times.


Two more days of cricket, so either more stitching, or maybe I can sort out another project.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your garden is lovely.....good luck with your resolutions....

Vireya said...

All the best for your resolutions! They sound good to me.

Anonymous said...

To the Lady of the Shears.
This really amused me - picturing you stealthily creeping around with pruners in hand, snipping off chunks of foliage, in the hope that The sleeping Scot will not notice when he awakes. The image which then comes to mind is of him feeding the plants to encourage new growth - since they obviously are not as lush as he thought! Oh dear! That is lovely. :-D SO funny! Between you the garden is thriving birdie!
The resolutions sound good and it is always nice to have a project on the go.
Big hugs and love, Jules. x

meghs said...

All the best for 2015 for you and the Scot - your garden/s look great :).
Good luck with the new year's resolutions - they are very sane resolutions!