Thursday, December 25, 2014



long time no chat...... but the thought is just as heartfelt  Merry Christmas everyone.

As usual we have had a very quiet day.  There were presents to open this morning, I think The Scot liked a LED torch which fitted onto his head

MiddleSon's Chosen One definitely gets 10 points for this.

Another was from my dear cister in England .... he loves these and put them on straight away

Lucky me had fabric from my dear cister, not showing a photo as I have plans for it and will show  when all prepped.  And a fabulous book on the Art of  Annemieke Mein.  Top marks you two ladies.

Early morning chat with No 1 Son in Taiwan.   The Princess rang early too from Brim.  And I have just spoken to Middle Son and Chosen One in Gippsland.
And rang my cister in England.... sorry Jules I am sure I woke you... but as her dh and I agreed it was like an early morning put the Turkey in the Oven Call.

MiddleSon and The Princess made a visit last Saturday, they both live so far away, and it is good that they meet here to catch up on their news as well as visit Mum and Dad.  Had to take the obligatory photo of them...........

they both make me very proud.
and no1 Son is making a trip in January so we shall see him as well.    Kinda like my Christmas is spread out which is nice.
This year my decorations have changed slightly.... no Christmas Tree and no lights.   It was so much work and we have been so busy with hospitals etc. I just couldn't be bothered.    The Scot wasn't happy but I took the tree and decorations that weren't special to the Charity Shop, they welcomed me with open arms so I hope someone enjoyed them this year.
But I still have my Christmas Quilts and Santas so we look quite festive,
So join me for a view and then you can have some Christmas Cake and a cuppa when we have finished.


I hope you all have a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

A fantastic early call birdy! Delighted to hear from you.
Your home looks very festive and welcoming, thank you for sharing.
Boxing Day for you now - we are still eating! And playing games!
Love to you both, Jules. x

Elaine Adair said...

I was thinking about you/the Scot and checked my "feed" only to find MANY posts that I have missed. Happy to hear we all are in one piece this Christmas 2014. We are as well, but snowed in today - I still can use the snow shovel and the snowblower, but holy smoke, arms and chest are weary. Good to see your posts and beautiful adult kids. Can anyone tell they are from YOU and the Scot? LOL How can kids look exactly like BOTH parents!

Happy New Year, 2015!!

Vireya said...

Your home looks very festive even without the tree!

Best wishes to you both for 2015!