Friday, December 26, 2014


or as Middle Son would insist the day we have to do some boxing.   Well ....   its obvious isn't it, the English language is quite strange at times.

I guess most of your are resting and eating yummy leftovers.   We also had a lovely restful day eating leftovers......  ours was turkey breast.   I bought a small one but it still has about 4 more meals left.

The Scot doesn't like sweets anymore, so I avoided those, though I did buy a tiny Christmas Cake (I am very partial to fruit cake) this was a mini mini one about 8ins square, and I had a small slice last night and it was delicious.

The lovely weather called me outside, so I pruned the Rosemary Bush by the fishpond.   The Scot had complained it was overlapping the bbq.

and I planted this delightful plaque, another Christmas present from my cister.

and now to update my Reading List before the end of the year.  I must admit I have been doing rather a lot lately.

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Anonymous said...

A few more boxes left to open - biscuits and chocolates! The box sent by you birdie will be opened today................. Chocs to spoil us, lovely, thank you, we will enjoy those later this afternoon. Look yummy. Flowers still fantastic and much admired - thank you again. So the only Boxing in this house tell middle son, is the traditional box opening - hence Boxing Day. :-D xxx My dad however would have been Boxing - with those padded gloves, in a ring. Mother didn't like him doing that, good though he was at the art, so mainly I remember watching sports, for him!!! Have a good day. xxxx