Monday, November 03, 2014


ok ok ok  I know it was really on Friday ......... but I was so disappointed it has taken me all this time to tell you about it.

Last year I had chocolate bars (the small kind) all ready and we seemed to have dozens of the local kids come Tricking or Treating that I was a tad concerned I wouldn't have any left for when Mark's (my lawn mowing guy) kids came.   They are so polite and well brought up.   So this year I was going to be sure and at the supermarket shop on Thursday I bought extra.   So I had this lovely big bowl for them to pick one from.

Now would you believe it.   NOT ONE SINGLE KID came to the door.   I thought I might be now  classed as The Dragon of No21 to be avoided at all costs.   I really was quite disappointed.

The Scot doesn't like chocolate and its not good for me so this afternoon I put them all into a fancy bag and went up to Mark's house - he lives three houses away from us.   Knocked on the door. Mark answered and his youngest and I said  TRICK OR TREAT  the look on their faces was something to be seen.   I then told them how disappointed I had been, the kids had a holiday from school (Melbourne Cup tomorrow - will explain that in next post) and Mark was kinda kid sitting, we all had a good laugh and the boys were going to share them with their friends.
So what do I do next year........................

This is a photo of No1Son when he went Trick or Treating about 37 years ago.


Anonymous said...

I left a comment on here but it has gone!

Sarah said...

That happens here too- either lots of kids come or hardly any.
I think next year I will decorate a lot and see if it helps.

Vireya said...

Well I like the way you overcame the issue by trick-or-treating the kids down the road.

I did hear some adults saying they only took their kids to houses that were decorated, so maybe that's the answer?