Sunday, November 09, 2014


and a bit of a lazy day.   We suddenly have this burst of beautiful weather, it was a tad cold first thing this morning.    I usually wake before The  Scot...... my sore knees tell me I have slept for 6 hours... so I find it better to get up than to toss and turn.   I have taken to getting dressed, grab an apple juice and sit outside.... its beautiful in the sun.   Then I usually do a wander around my Estate pulling out a few weeds here and there and generally planning my day.   Then I go wake The Scot and the day begins.

Today I made The Scot take things easy as he has one of those nasty procedures tomorrow which involves a liquid diet today and all that nasty drinking tonight.  He keeps saying, couldn't I have a packet of potato chips (crisps) his favourite snack food.... but I tell him if he does he is going to have to repeat all this again at another date...... this usually keeps him in order.

This is what he did this afternoon, being forced to drink some apple juice, after he did some planning on the inside of his eyelids.

Whilst he planned I did some weeding.   I am not allowed to touch the veggie and fruit garden area and he is not allowed to touch (or grumble at what I do to) the patio areas and the front garden.
These are the weeds I either pulled out or pruned.
And the fish pond area is now looking much tidier

My plan is to remove the blob, (the Scot Disagrees) and get Middle Son to thin out the clivea all around the back.   I also want to replant the plant in  pot on the right and dig the pot in so it cant be seen.  


Anonymous said...

Well done that girl... It is so worthwhile to be able to see results from labours - and to plan yet more. An artistic eye planning and shaping what the eye in the head visualises. Your Scot looks a tad unimpressed with his diet..... Poor man, hope all goes well for him and he can get this over with again quickly. Our love. J and J. xxx

Sarah said...

Your fishpond area is gorgeous! I love seeing your spring and summer pics during our fall and winter :)

retdairyqueen said...

Just catching up with some Blog reading
Your garden looks lovely