Sunday, November 02, 2014


yes I find I am really addicted to hexagons.   When I first learnt Patchwork and Quilting, must have been in a past life, well lets say about 40 years ago - tempus fugit, I learnt English Paper Piecing, another term for hexagons and thought oh yes interesting but I can never see myself making anything with them and that was that.

Fast forward to November 2014 and we now have hexagons coming out my ears.

These are all WIP's (works in progress for the uninitiated).  Hopefully bed quilts.

I have even been inspired to make small bags

 But the Queen of the hexies is going to be this one
This is a pattern from Geta Gama one over talented very very clever lady.  The Scot  says he admires her and doesn't know how she managed to work it out.  If you want more eye candy go to
She is most generous in her pattern, as you can see by the back of the joined pieced she even marks the direction.  There were 15 pages to join together.   The Scot helped there but said I was on my own after that, he has problems with visualising finished projects, so its no good asking advice on colour etc.  I will just show photos of how far I have progressed.   I am really enjoying this and as all the hard work has been done working it out.

The Master Plan

2 rows of hexies cut and ready to join

Slow work  but getting there

The colours aren't true.   I took at least 6 photos with different settings but I think the purple fabric has a mind of its own.

A zillion thanks to Geta for her excellent pattern, she even marks the direction of the pieces.

(Yes the papers are removed before quilting Jules:)).  but I must admit I have still had to do a tad unpicking when I joined the wrong pieces together.  Many a slip twixt cup and lip.
A great project for taking with me to the various Hospitals appointments,   The Scot says I am in my own little world.   I sit there with my ear phones listening to the current book and stitching away.  At least I am not bored.
And I can't wait to finish, I will get someone to quilt it on their Quilting Machine.   I had one quilted before, and even tho it  cost it was well worth it.   So for special quilts I let the experts quilt them.
This is the quilt that was quilted and I didn't regret it, 
the quilting can't be seen on the photo but a quilt isn't really finished until its quilted.  so I am saving all my $1 and $2 coins.   each Thursday after shopping I empty my purse, so far I have just over $50  by the time its finished the cost should be covered.
I must stitch faster as there is another pattern I want to buy from Geta.


Anonymous said...

What can I say?!!!!!! Amazing birdy! You need an engineer's degree to do that special one - now you know why you married the Scot and went half way round the world with him. LOL! Looking good. A great deal of work goes into your projects and they are rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

Vireya said...

Lovely stuff! Your flower ball is looking wonderful already.

retdairyqueen said...

Love the little bag