Friday, November 07, 2014


I know that memories are really just inside my head ....... but it had been nice these past few weeks to see them come alive .....    these are the photos I have on my screensaver....

This was when I was so young..... 21 in fact

 this one I call Triple Trouble.   Quite a handful at times but well worth it.   No 1 son has that defiant look,  Middle Son -I'm my own man but I will put up with you and the Princess - no trouble, friends with everyone

 I love this one, everytine it appears I say "hello kiddies, how ya going, I do love and miss you so much"   Yes I do talk to myself

This is one of The Scot.  He was an aspiring Apiarist but this was taken as he winding the hives down and selling all his equipment.  These were the days before he accepted that there was such a word as sick or ill.

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful memories birdy - lovely! The one I had not seen before is gorgeous! How lovely to get such a nice smiley picture of all of the triple troubles together! Fantastic.

I too know that nostalgic moment when photographs of bairns pop up - where do those years go to so quickly?

Really lovely to see though aren't they? Healthy, happy children..... good job done there birdy. Jules xxxxx