Thursday, November 20, 2014


Indeed the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men..... that is often a phrase that comes to my mind, but what it really means - goodness knows.

But I know my plans have gone flying out the window, so much for an interesting blog post every day during November.   But today I will make up for it.

Working backwards starting with today.

It was an early morning, we needed to be at Dandenong by 7.30am for the Scot to get his Pillcam.
We were sitting reading the paper in the waiting room by 7.05am  a good start.

First The Nurse strapped on the  receiver where the photos are recorded, and you have to check every 15 minutes or so, to see that the little blue light is flashing which means it is recording.
 Swallowing the capsule was the difficult  part.  The small bowel is about 6 metres long and it takes about 8 hours to travel through it.
Swallowing the capsule caused a bit of a problem but thankfully it eventually went down.
Then home and nothing until 10.00am then liquids until lunch, a light lunch, tuna sandwich and his beloved cup of tea.   Then at 4.00 pm   we take it back.   This is how he looked......

 So that was today.The weather here in Melbourne has been beautiful the past few days so gardening was the name of the game.

A few photos to show you what I have been up to.

Firstly I felt the lady needed a coat of paint

and a new plant to go with her

and just a wander around the garden

I guess you could say The Scot did help.

and now its raining, but that is good for the new plants.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mail cis and these pictures are great! Pretty flowers on your plants and the gold lady is looking flushed with pride! Looking good and cheery. Pleased that today is over for you and you are able to begin to enjoy the Summer garden. Big hugs and love,
Jules. xxx

Sarah said...

It's mind blowing that someone can swallow a pill with a camera in it!

Anonymous said...

Hi , what a pleasant surprise to see you both today, hope all is well, and the camera produced a good result.

Elaine Adair said...

Beautiful flowers and plants! Jealous in this cold snowy space! Your garden is lovely, so inviting.