Friday, November 07, 2014


Which to me means that its Spring and Summer is on the way.   Time to get a move on with the weeding, dust the swing seat and set it up.

Lots of folk think Agapanthus are a bit like weeds, but I love their bright and big cheery flowers.  I have had them in various part of the garden for a few years.   But they really seem to have made their home here on the patio by the birdbath. 
This photo was taken a few years back.
Right now I am waiting for the buds to break out

The bird bath I try to keep topped up as we have many various native and other birds come to drink, but mainly to take their morning bath.

Today is another beautiful Spring, almost Summer like day, so after the dreaded household chores I will finish the weeding of the patio and set the seat up for some reading and sewing this afternoon.

The solar panels are busy paying for our electricity

This was a water fountain in the fish pond area, but I found it kept drying out.   So I disconnected it and found this cute little plant, it must like being there because it has doubled in size since the first planting.

ohh life is so good when one has a garden, some aggies, a swing seat, a good book and sewing.


Vireya said...

How wonderful to have magpies in your birdbath! Until recently I've only ever had imported birds in mine, but then a raven dropped by a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Very polite birds, taking turns! Is that the male watching over his beloved as she takes her morning constitutional or the female simple waiting for her turn!!!? lol. Ever the romantic, me.

The heat is up - wow! Your aggies look set to produce another splendid show this year. The little creeper plant in the former fountain looks very happy there. Jules xxx

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, the garden looks so pretty! Full of new, lovely colors, I can feel your energy and eagerness all the way across the pond! We are waiting for severe cold spell, after a lovely warm fall. Can't have it warm forever, can we?