Tuesday, September 16, 2014


yep that's me, I don't think I would win  awards for regular diary/blog writing.  But I think I could almost start claiming frequent flyers attendees to the local hospitals and a 'hope you didn't see me trip' award.    The Scot is the hospital one and I am the hurt pride one.   Putting my mind at it I have been walking each day, listening to my books, but one day last week I tripped and came an almighty thud with the ground, so in addition I now have a sore side and a sore finger but no broken bones ..... thank goodness.

But those are minor happenings .....other things have been happening.

You remember Middle Son came and moved a big shrubby bush and thinned out the clivea.

How about this

The baby ones transplanted have started to flower as have the mother/father ones.   Next Year I am going to get him to move the back part of the fishpond, fondly called the blob, and we will have clivea all along the back.   The wall piece I have been looking for, but they were far too expensive.  Then the Aldi catalogue arrived and it had them for $20.   So I was at Waverley Gardens at 8.00am on the Saturday and found the last one with owls on,   I was a tad disappointed when it was up as it was a darkish brown.   But the Scot suggested I spray paint it.   So off we went to Bunnings and the rest is history on the wall.
Then I saw advertised a Magnetic Pin Bowl.    But the cost was $10 plus $12 postage... too expensive.
But after thinking, I came up with this.
Strong Magnet
Small Plastic Dish
Double sided tape
Felt with adhesive back.

 Much smaller, neater and of course cheaper.

Now onto the big project...... My flowerball

This has taken quite a bit of organising and thinking (both not being my strongest points)
It took me about 2 weeks to organise the fabrics as I needed 22 of them.

Then in order to get them in the right order, I cut small squares and taped them onto my instruction sheet.
Of course there is many a slip twixt cup and lip, or fabric and scissors in my case ..... so a dummy plan was organised.

As I mainly do my hand  stitching in the lounge, sitting with The Scot.   I have to try(?) to keep things neat and organised.    This is my FlowerBall box.

And this is the first flower

The Scot rolls his eyes as I sew, and I don't think he can visualize it finished.    But when pieced if it looks as good as I think it will, he has promised I can get it Commercially Machined Quilted.   This will really make it special.   I have only ever had one CMQ before.   Its quite expensive but for a special quilt its worth it.


Vireya said...

Love your first flower! I know it is going to look great.

Glad to hear no broken bones, but I hope the hurt bits are feeling better.

Clever magnetic pin dish, and smart thinking on spray-painting the wall art!

Anonymous said...

I echo Vireya's comments.... You have been very busy, stressed and a tad clumsy cister of mine! :-D Glad that you are in one piece and enjoying joining the pretty pieces together too. J. xxx

retdairyqueen said...

Hope you are both feeling better
I have a nice display of cliveas this year too

pegsplace said...

I am sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. I hope that you quickly back to yourself! You are so innovative maybe the Scot's engineering skills rub off on you! ;). I see that you have a few projects in progress...me too! I dream of Greta's hexies! I have gone hexie crazy.

Take care Sheila!