Sunday, August 10, 2014


Definitely Winter downunder, but Spring will be just be around the corner ....  the hanging baskets on my patio are giving a little bit of colour

During the sunny spells, and wrapped up warm The Scot has been doing a little gardening.   He is not really a "green thumb" but he does try and we have sampled quite a few choice veggies.
He doesn't have much luck with his leafy veggies, the snails get there too soon, and he doesn't like using repellents or such in his garden.   So this is his latest invention.
Its called 'Wicking'  - as you can see its quite a success.   This is the most lettuce and spinach leaves we have had - and no signs of the dreaded snails.
I manage my daily walk, well rugged up in parka, hat and gloves, but my gardening is only inside.
This is my Lucky Bamboo.    It did really well when I first acquired it, then it just seemed to stagnate.  So when we were at the Nursery I asked the lass if I should do anything special with it.  She told me they do like a little sunshine and maybe a feed.   So once a week I place it on the patio table for its dose of Vitamin D and I made a feed of banana peel chopped up with water and gave it a good water.   Since then it seems to be doing very well.
Not liking the cold, my winter activities are sewing and here is my latest...... a pair of fingerless gloves for The Princess.   I sent her a parcel for her birthday enclosing some windcheaters and I put in a pair of lovely blue ones.    But when she rang me to thank me she mentioned that the blue ones did get dirty quickly.  She has to fed and look after the horses, very much a country land girl.  Hence a pair of black ones, I will make another pair, but its very hard to see the black to count the rows.   So a little stitching then another pair.
very nicely modelled by The Scot.

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Anonymous said...

You must tell me more about Wicking. We have had so many huge 'snakes' slugs in our garden this year and snails too. The smell of rotting flesh is horrid where I put 'organic' pellets down. Yuck! They munched their way through the low growing beans and finished off all the lupins and sunflowers. They are hardened to gravel or raised beds and leave huge silver trails I have never ever seen the size of before!
The gloves look very good and should keep the Princess cosy.

Your hanging basket still has flowers - in Winter?! That is not Winter birdy.... :-) xxx