Wednesday, August 06, 2014


I do and it is one of the modern gadgets I love.
Many moons ago, Middle Son and his Girl (yes he was young then) bought me a Duster Buster as a birthday present.   I thought ummm   what do I use this for, I have a sweeping brush, a duster and a vacuum cleaner (that was before Ricardo Robot days).
But it was a nice thought even tho it took me a few months before I first used it.

wow what a handy little blighter it proved to be, finally the battery wore out of charges, but I decided I couldn't live without one so purchased another.

Then last week despite many hours of charging it just gave a little whir whir whir noise.

Time for a new one.   My how times have changed, plus online shopping I now have

With two attachments, and it can vac wet and dry.
and would you believe it cost less than the one I purchased about 10 years ago.
It is still charging, but whilst accidently setting up I pressed the power switch ..... wow it sounded like something from the engine of a superjet.
So if you  have never busted the dust just try it.
For the past month I am supposed to be monitoring my BP.    It just seems to be all over the place, usually too high.  But what a month to have to record it.
No 1 Son visited for the month.   Visitors always throw me a tad off kilter.
and The Scot has been back to the hospital, plus another visit to Emergency.
I have this feeling, he prefers ***** accommodation........ or is it the young Nurses and female Doctors who attend his every whim. 
But for now he is back with The Nurse who  worries most about him.   But wont stand any nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely birdy. Those gadgets are very good. We have had one for years but it needs replacing now. Ideal for odd corners or spills of ash, from the fire, when clearing the grate out. Anything which does not require the whole cleaner being used. Can be washed so even the bread bin can be de-crumbed! Hope everything settles down soon. Love and hugs, Jules. xxx