Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Endeavouring to post regularly.

A peek at what I have been sewing

A wall quilt inspired by a young relative in the UK   To be sent as a surprise.

And her wonderful parents have adopted a troubled young lad, and I thought well Everyone needs a Cuddle Quilt.    This is the layout waiting to be stitched together

You remember the post I made about the FlowerBall wallhanging I wanted to make.
After numerous attempts and lots of printing I was just about to put it in the too hard basket.

I had the preview printed and coloured

But it was joining the pages that was baffling me, so I asked The Clever Scot, if I did something for him would he be willing to help me.

Clever clogs Scot-did it first time
So now I have all the templates cut, the fabrics chosen, pins, thread, scissors ready.   And note my new pink Ipod.    More about my Ipods later. 

I plan on making it about 56inches as I want to hang it in the dining room.   But this will give you an idea of the colour scheme.

So Green Lights ahead

but I have just remember I have a present to make first.

I do love this hand sewing as I am reading so many books.   The Public Library ebooks was the best thing since sliced bread.   err maybe even better.


Vireya said...

Glad you got those hexagons sorted out. I'll look forward to seeing it come together!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work..... Two delighted and grateful recipients me thinks, who will be over the moon to own something as fine and individually made for them with love... The hexi's are way too complicated for me to envisage finished by hats off to you birdy for sticking to it and getting the brains to help! :-D