Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I am definitely NOT a Winter Person,  even my knees wake me up at 6.00 am telling me.

It was too cold to venture outside when I finally got up, but this is looking down (well I call it down) my Crescent at 9.00 am.        

This first tree was clothed in fog when I first arose, but its slowly clearing.  No one ever told me FOG in Australia.

ah well I guess it suits my mood.   The Scot is still in hospital, each day since last Wednesday he has rung to say...... should be home today......   I think my optimism must be wearing off on him.

But today, they say if he behaves (we wont go into details)   he can come home.
So in anticipation, I have his favourite meal ready to cook Shepherds Pie, followed by strawberries and home made ice cream.     Now that should tempt him.     
but I do miss him.

It always seems it 'never rains but it pours'  
 The car wouldn't start on Friday.   But I organised for the RACV to come and they tested and fitted a new battery.
 A strange light has appeared on the VCR..  I never use the taped programmes, too scared of messing things up, so I usually flick between channels at night when stitching, and I always have my book.    But I think  I might be in BIG trouble when he gets home.    The Scot loves his TV and VCR for watching at night.    Better run and duck for cover I think,  (hence also the Shepherds Pie).   
 The hot water tap appears to have a tiny leak in the laundry, maybe I am not strong enough to turn it off tightly.   But its not really much just a drip now and then. 
Actually I think The Scot might be silently pleased as it will help prove he is The Control Freak and I cant do without him.  As usual as he was wheeled away into the Ambulance he was shaking his fingers telling what to do and what to NOT forget.

Ricardo Roomba the Vacuum Cleaner has just finished so off to wash the kitchen/dining room floors, dust and that's me for the day.


just a few hours later

the sun is shining, blue sky (still a tad cold)

and all is well with My World.


Anonymous said...

Just caught up with this birdy. Good pictures and nice to see The Man of The House re-installed in his chair and looking pleased to be home. And who wouldn't be pleased with the welcome you had arranged for him!? We have been having mists like that in the early mornings but then temperatures in high 20-30's. Humidity very high which means a bit sticky! xxxJxxx

Vireya said...

I am so behind with blog reading that I just got you this post now. Hope you have been having a wonderful week together since you did this post.

quiltmom said...

Glad to see that the Scot has returned home and that life will return to status quo. Belated Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved.
Hoping that your winter warms up and that the days are more pleasant in the coming weeks.
Warmest regards,