Saturday, May 03, 2014

SEWING at last

Yes my first finished project for quite some time. But I have made the decision to stop worrying about The Scot and to let "life happen".

The quilt ..... now this was planned in errr   about November, the recipient  who lives in the UK had an unexpected stay in hospital and was told to take it easy for a couple of months.   hahaha have you tried telling the sun not to set.......   Men take it very hard when told to take it easy.

I had the plan, bought the fabrics, even half cut it out and then what with Christmas and a lot of Life Happenings around here it didn't get finished until last week.

Aussie Post was brilliant.   There must have been a tail wind as I posted it on Monday Morning and it arrived Thursday morning UK time. 

This is the label
as  I think the Recipient needs to be encouraged to relax every now and then  He is one of those men who hate to sit still   So enforced rest is hard to take.
And this is a photo of The Scot with his favourite Cuddle Quilt.     This was made 6years ago when he had the first chemo session.     Many ladies from the Quilting List and also readers of my blog sent a square.   I requested half square blocks, as he is not really a hearty type guy.  The backing is made of polar fleece with ladybirds on it.  He calls it his Harem Quilt and he loves it.
I will now keep a list of finished and WIPS in my side bar, just to keep me honest.


SueBK said...

Love the colours in the recently finished quilt, Sheila. Bright but still blokey.

Anonymous said...

Agree - it is masculine and my beloved hubby, who was told to take at least a couple of months - but would be twelve months recovering, is at last happy to sit and enjoy all round warmth, even doze off whilst reading! He now faces possible further surgery for an incisional hernia following the operation in November! Could mean even longer in that chair under his new quilt! Above all, he is thrilled to have such beautiful work and thought which went into the making of the quilt. So Blessed. xxxx Jules xxxx

Vireya said...

Lovely quilt, and how fantastic that it got there so quickly!

Linda Stokes said...

They both look very happy & cosy with their quilts - great job!