Monday, May 26, 2014


Because as I said its a Woman's Privilege ........ with a bit of input from the Scot.  Although why I listen to him I don't know ...... he doesn't listen to me.

but watch this space the idea and pattern is still there just what is being made into is  :)

We have been having very Springlike weather of late which means lots of gardening but then it rains a lot and the weeds have a field day.

I have been trying to clear the fish bond area,    I have a bush there which blossoms beautifully in late Summer but the rest of the year .... not much.

Now in the corner I have some Clivea, I have shown you photos before,  but here they are again.

They flower Autumn early Winter are look beautiful. and the rest of the year have greenery   On the Weekly Gardening Programme that The Scot watches, they suggested it was a good time to thin out, which means I can put them all around the back of the fishpond.

And this morning, this little surprise greeted me.   I still don't know what it is.

On the sewing front, I am doing two presents.   So no photos.


Vireya said...

Your cliveas are looking fantastic! Mine don't have any flowers at the moment, but I will be digging them up soon to move to a different garden.

If you find out what the plant in your last picture is, please let me know! One of the pots I collected from the hard rubbish collection was full of this plant, but I haven't identified what it is yet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful clivies! My dad first grew these in the 1970's and we still have some. Not so prolific as yours in flowering though. Did you mention Winter? Cold enough to have a fire or have the heating on here in UK. It has rained solidly for a few days now and the June flowers are/were about to bloom but look soggy now! A lovely foxglove is out, beautiful deep pink. xxxxx