Wednesday, May 07, 2014


The nights are colder, and also some days feel quite chilly, also rain, of which there has been quite a lot, but we shouldn't complain as the Reservoirs are never entirely full. All of this has kept us indoors.

But who's complaining, with a warm house, and good company.   It never fails to astound me that with all our years of marriage we can now sit in each others company for ages and not need to speak a word, there is just that compatible sweet silence.
During which I am listening to many books, at present The Shiralee an old Australian Classic and hence getting quite a lot of sewing done.

Here is my Chair caddy, since we bought ourselves laptops and use them in the lounge, I was forever dropping or losing things, but now everything is at hand.

This one has been moved to the other arm of the chair and I plan to make another narrower one for this side.
At long last I have finished a present.     I really should have heeded one of the Quilters Rooles.   Don't ask recipients what colours they want.    But I did and the answer was yellow  (although not a definite),   The two colours I have the most difficulty using when quilting are Yellow and Brown.  I tried most of my meagre stash of yellow (you do need a tad now and again)  but nothing looked good.
So plan B no border,     and the binding made from the nicest possible piece of yellow I could find.
Only a sneak peek,    as it is a present and hasn't arrived yet.

Now onto the next WIP  (work in progress)


Anonymous said...


A jolly useful caddy birdie!

We too have lots of heavy rain here in UK. The plants and seedlings are enjoying the soaking and the grass and new growth are extra green and bright. Such beautiful lilacs in various shades, and laburnum and May blossom. Bluebells and wallflowers in so many colours. Roses just coming out in different shades too. Bird song beautiful. Close your eyes and think of England..... Wet and chilly but beautiful. xxxxxx

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, Sheila - I visited all the way back to Christmas - my, time gets away from us, doesn't it. Nice to check in on you, wishing you best of all. Yes, you/I need to stop worrying about our men! Mine keeps on tickin' despite his very bad habits and I'm tired of worrying, so I'm not worrying any more - it is ME who is getting worn down not him. 8-)))

We are just hoping for spring, with flowers blooming, trees almost budding out, but then we had an 8 inch snowfall!!! And you are finally cooling off, looking forward to winter!

Just wanted to say "hey" from U.S. and I think of you frequently. Wishing you the best,
Elaine Adair