Thursday, May 01, 2014


Dear Readers

The reason this wayward blogger has been absent for all but three days of April is quite apparent in the Reading List, on the right side of her blog.
She seems to have developed this insatiable  habit of Reading errr  rather she listens to books,

Her cyberfriend Molly Bawn gave her some new writers to try and she is now obsessed with
Sebastian Barry.   She tells me his words are like succour to the soul,  also having read The Rosie Project ~ Graeme Simsion in one sitting.  Offering the excuse - I just couldn't put it down I had to know.

She has also purchased a Galaxy Tab.    as she was like a bear with a sore head whilst waiting for the Ipod to charge.  Sometimes running it so low on the battery I had grave concerns about its future.

Not only but also ........   she found out that the Monash Public Library, where she is a member of 40 years,  now loans out Audio Books, found on and also magazines found on    if interested  check your local public library.   It took her quite some time to work it out and set it up.   But she now has two Bruce Courtney books due next week, and one which is not available until October (that must be a great read).     Some books are available straight away but others you need to reserve.

I must now go hide the Ipod and Galaxy so that she can go shopping, the pantry is getting bare, and I don't want to have to start shopping and cooking my own meals.

A poor deserted hubby

The Scot.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha..... Poor man! Please thank her for the book tips though - Slower Reader. xxxx