Tuesday, April 15, 2014


As I was cleaning this morning,  gosh its hard work

Winnie the  washing machine for the washing
Ricardo  Roomba for the floors
The charger for the Ipod (a fanatical listener to books am I)
Hot Water for washing up
Puff the Magic Pfaff Sewing Machine sitting  impatiently for me to sew this afternoon
Ellie the electric blanket patiently waiting to be switched on to 1 tonight to warm my dreams
not to mention Pavlo the laptop.

I thought now with all those helpers I am like a Lady of the Manor,  I just say when and do and with a tiny bit of help from me they do.

Now just tell me who wants to go back to the good ole days.

Ok  I know there were advantages, but I am like a bear with a sore head if any of my servants go on strike.

Oh its great to live in 2014 with all its conveniences don't you think.

and  I haven't even mentioned

the ............................................and  and  and  and   and  and.

But back to normality, I am trying to blog more often, even  tho it is a lot of nonsense.

And I sew every day

This is my long awaited quilt as of yesterday.

one more set of rows (4patch) and even tho some folks tend to fluff the edges the same as between the squares,  I think they look nicer with binding.

Now here is the quandary   .... I think a plain binding but The Scots says to join pieces of the fabric and make a binding of those.     I don't mind the joining  but I just feel a plain one would look better.
As it is for the Man I am tending to be overruled but I do think the plain is better.   

Any comments gratefully received.

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Anonymous said...

Difficult. A beautiful, vibrant quilt, masculine yet bright and cozy. If The Man has chosen the colours picked out then maybe that is how it should be? Nice however, I would have though - mixed or plain. Sure to please. Will it withstand washing/use better if all one colour rather than joined colours? Certainly fiddly I would have thought - you know best so you decide. xxxxJxxxx