Monday, April 14, 2014


I don't think I would be in on the short list for Blogger of the Month.  I really must get back to my daily meanderings.

The weather here in Australia is much cooler now,   we have had a little rain, although a cyclone has hit the Northern part of the country.

The weeds continue to thrive,   come rain or shine.

At last I had been seen entering the sewing room.    Not only entering but actually sewing.   My poor sewing machine  must have felt so unloved but after a thorough clean, a couple of hiccups some kind words we are now cruising along quite happily.

I have decided in order to encourage me along I will make a list of all the quilts and projects I want to complete this year and print them on my blog..   That way I will see them and be shamed into sewing more.

This is my first project for 2014
My KU Cuddle Quilt.   This is like quilt as you go so when all the rows are joined and seams cut it will only need the binding.


Anonymous said...

Very cheery quilt and good to hear you have a plan of self encouragement! Pleased that the cyclone did not add to your clearing and sorting out issues! Take care birdy. xxxJulesxxx

Elaine Adair said...

So good to see you and the Scot, messing about in the garden!