Wednesday, April 02, 2014


We are the second day into April now and its promising  to be a heap better that March .... thank goodness.

The weather is kinder, although its still humid and I am sitting here in my shorts and tshirt.  But it does look like rain and we did have  0.3mls what more could we hope for.

The Sewing Room is allowed to be entered


I have actually started sewing again ....

a new quilt, which has been all cut and waiting to go since before Christmas.

The start of a cuddle quilt.
Mind you I have been reading (listening to way too many books)
but you must read The Rosie Project~Graeme Simsion.  I think this is a perfect example of The Scot and myself.      Someone who likes to be so organised and a 'let it all fly out' wife.   I am sure you will enjoy it.
btw my Kindle problem is resolved,  the two have been returned and they have refunded my money.   But oh boy I wouldn't want to go through that again, I guess if you know what to do its easy, but I just seemed to go round and round.
So its gonna be all go from now on. :)


Anonymous said...

Well done! Really pleased to see you have been so active and raring to go again... You look as though you have a really organised space to work in and great things in progress. Fantastic. L and H Jules. xxx

Vireya said...

Good to know your technology problems are sorted out.

Happy sewing!

Anonymous said...

Found a post which was almost 12 months old - May 2013 and left a comment. I have forgotten all bloomin' passwords! Thinking about you though so this is my garbled attempt at contact! Hope you are both well - we return on Tuesday. xxxxx