Sunday, March 02, 2014


Phew its actually March, a much kinder month.  As I have often told you I find January and February the most trying months of the year.   And it has been HOT and HUMID, but would you believe that one evening last week we actually put the heater on in the evening ...... that's Melbourne weather for you.

The garden suffered greatly

but would you believe the daffodils popping their heads up

Meals changed to be as healthy as possible,  with mainly salads and as little oven cooking as possible.

Some days felt even too hot to think, so out came the hexie flowers

getting quite organised now and don't you love those dinky little clips.   I saw these on my friend  blog so of course asked where they came from.    But they really keep the petals together.

And of course I have been reading err listening,   to way too many books.   But then I call this education so it doesn't matter :).   

But have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain~Gath Stein this is a must read.   Plenty of laughs but lots of tissues.   For a change of pace I then read Report from Nuremberg~Harold Burson, wrong to say I enjoyed it but a riveting read.  Then David Mitchell -Back Story~David Mitchell.  David is seen on the TV.   British shows such as ...... Would I Lie to You..........   QI ......I love his intensity and sense of humour, and as he actually reads the book its all there.   Then for another change of pace I sorted out my dear friend author Phryne Fisher  and her mysteries by Kerry Greenwood.  I must admit I did go a bit stir crazy so to speak reading 4 in a row.    I am now back to something a tad more serious  The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory.  Being a pommie born Aussie I love English History.

But March, so far has been beautiful and both The Scot and I have been out in the garden.

I nearly gave The Scot a heart attack when I asked for A Ladies Weight Chain Saw.    He shudders when he sees me exiting the garden shed with the secateurs in my hand.     But no I am not getting one.

But I did manage with the small saw and secateurs

If you compare this with the previous photo you can see how much better it looks.   I have been watching closely which plants survive the heat best and I am mainly going with Australian Natives and PLENTY of mulch.

Oh and talking about pruning,
This is The Story of The Scot's beloved Grapefruit Tree,  

it was planted when we first came to the house in 1968,  At that time there was no garden and were recovering from a drought.  So all the veggie scraps, grass cuttings etc were thrown around it.    This tree really thrived and was always been weighed down with grapefruit.     But then when The Scot first had to hit the Doctors, some five years ago, he was told not to eat grapefruit.    But no he couldn't dig his beloved tree out.   The grapefruit came and went, and he occasionally snuck one in for breakfast.   Then the tree developed blackspot.  He lovingly mixed up a spray,  he  doesn't like to use chemical ones, pruned a couple of branches leaves, but to no avail.    But do you think he would dig it out, it was like a part of him.     But it really did look ugly and the weeds had all grown around it.   We have a rule, we need them, I don't interfere with his veggies and fruit trees and he doesn't interfere with my patio (and now mainly the front garden)...... but I threatened to poison it, if he didn't dig it out.     So he prunes it right back to almost nothing,    scrubs it with soapy water, yes you did hear right.  

Fed it,  and                   it started to shoot again    Yesterday he had weeded around it and I caught him taking his photo.    That grapefruit tree has a charmed life for sure.
But he still can't eat the grapefruit.


Vireya said...

I'm with you in being glad summer is gone!

My mum has to avoid grapefruit, too. But she didn't realise that included marmalade containing grapefruit. (I suppose she thought cooking it would destroy whatever it is that interferes with her medication.) She made some and offered a jar to the chemist who told her in no uncertain terms that she must NOT eat it!

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see your garden and read your lovely posting. The tree is like The Scot - pruning has put new life back :-D SO great to see him active again and doing well. The rain you so badly need is still with us in UK birdy. Absolutely teeming - nay hammering down this evening! Just checked the conservatory and all is well - but the back porch is leaking into three buckets! Your reading education serves you well. Having finished Enzo's story with tissues mopping my eyes, I am half way through Katie Fforde's Wedding Season. Enjoyable once the characters have personalities I can recognise and sort out! Lol. Jules xxx