Friday, March 14, 2014

LODGERS in my garden

 I have been very busy this week, I have had lodgers, well about 1000 of them.

I have been very busy preparing the beds for them and organising the menus.

Finally settled them in and closed the curtains.   Apparently they get a tad stressed in transit and can take a few days to settle.

Fortunately they came with instructions, and of course The Scot had to take over and assemble it.

But now they are all settled and I gave them their first dinner tonight. 

Lets hope they like their environment and settle in quickly, start to reproduce and give me lots of Worm Wee and Worm Poo for my garden.   I have told The Scot I might sell him some for his veggies.
The weather has been much kinder this week, and we have both been out in the garden.
This is the narrow strip opposite the bedroom and sewing room.    It just seems to be a haven for weeks, and the heat last month wrecked havoc with a couple of the plants.
So I have taken out as many as possible and I am planting   Its really a straight line but I haven't quite mastered the technique of panorama photo taking yet,
Here is a photo of The Scots latest Invention........   he says it a Bird Scarer but every time I go out the back,   either a native bird or one of the parrots flies away....
I call them Toys for Birds

Vanessa the Weather Girl has forecast beautiful weather for the weekend, so hopefully some more weeds can bite the dust.

Of course the evenings have been spent stitching and reading way too much.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaa... It took a while....! Very good birdy. Your rellie, Jo, has a wormery and finds it is worth doing. Good luck with your lodgers!

The bird scarers look very festive and much more up-market than ours, which hang by a tread on canes. It is the movement and flash of light as they rotate which is meant to scare the birds but they are clever blighters and get used to them! The Scot could try a robotic arm, jumping out and clattering metal? On the other hand, that might scare you! Or drive you mad! He has done the best he can and maybe some of the critters might be deterred, plus they look good!!! :-D All this activity will be keeping you trim. Pleased that you now have the kind of weather you can enjoy.
Love and hugs,
Jules. xxx