Saturday, March 29, 2014


well not exactly the Brigade but better keep the fire extinguisher handy.

today is The Scots birthday ....   pushing 80 well 77,   although I didn't think he would make the next birthday these past six years,  even being told to go home, put his affairs in order, and enjoy Christmas. - twice    phew    but a bit of TLC  a lot of growling, and terrific medics all round.   Here we are to tell the tale.

We are not big cake eaters and the shop didn't have the tiny candles, so the 7 into an ice creamcone  was the best I could do

What does one do on ones birthday - potter around in the garden  (note my nagging has paid off and he now wears his thick gardening gloves)

what do you want now?????
Seeds planted a few days ago are shooting already
Project ..... Keep the Birds Happy 

The idea is.......  budgie bird seeds planted to give a healthy green compost.
hahaha   me thinks its more like a
banquet for our feathered friends.
watch this space!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a LOVELY post birdy! Just a happy smile from ear to ear reading this. So pleased your Scot had a lovely day - in fact, that you BOTH enjoyed the day!
Lots of hugs and love,
Jules. xxxxx

Vireya said...

Happy birthday! Sorry I'm a little late - a bit slow on blog reading this week.

I'll be interested to see how your budgie seed green manure goes!