Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I now have a camera.  Not a new one.   I had written to my very knowledgeable Quilting List and they gave me lots of good advice.

Having searched the Internet last night my poor head was spinning.   The Scot suggested we could go to a Camera shop in the morning and see different ones.

However after a good nights sleep, I thought, now I am not really a 'Dumbo' ... so I asked The Scot if he could set the camera that he doesn't use(long story but I bought one before Christmas couldn't work it out and gave it to him,  which he adores so his Traveller which  he thought was a good buy was put in the cupboard.)

So out came

he has set it up so that when I switch it on it goes straight to automatic.   But I have found the zoom button.  None of those complicated things.
He also spent all the afternoon setting it up so I can import the photos onto the pc.
This is my very clever chappie

so I made him a cool lemonade and healthy snack
but I needed to take another photo just to prove I can use it.

So once again I am very happy.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaa.... Very good! And the pictures really ARE good! What a lovely one of The Scot! You should frame that one. I like automatic - and enjoy the zoom option too. We have had several cameras over the years but seem to both use the same two now. Have fun.... :-D Jules.x