Monday, February 10, 2014


We seem to have an abundance of fruit on the trees this year. 
Unfortunately the birds seem to get there first   and really have a feast.  I found some white cockatoos there yesterday, but unfortunately by the time I had fetched my camera they had filled their bellies and left.

So what to do ................... well the Scotsman being a Design Draftsman in his last life decided ....That was enough ..............


We also have an abundance of tiny tomatoes, and as two folk can only eat so many I thought I would have a try at freezing them.   I picked the nicest ones, washed and dried them and then just put them in the freezer.    Even if they do turn out just 'mushy' I can use them in stir fries or casseroles.
Tonight the temperature is much kinder only around 20 degrees, last night it was 30,   and the winds have dropped which I a great blessing for the fire fighters in Victoria.    my thoughts are with all those in the fire zone area.   Keep safe.


Anonymous said...

What a clever Scot you have! Those birds flapping about should see the fruit pickers off lol! He will have to make them emit a noise every so often if the cheeky ones get too brave. Well done that man.
Hope the fires soon abate too. xxx

Vireya said...

Looks like a very clever scheme! let us know how it goes. Corellas cleaned up most of our almonds.

Molly said...

Excellent video Birdy! I foresee great things in your filming future, Hollywood, Bollywood, Cannes ----Watch out! Very tasteful choice of music too. I wouldn't mess with those monster birds on a bet!

So sweet of you to be concerned about me. But it's just sanother case of life trumping blogging. I'll try to post soon. Meanwhile, for your edification, I've updated my "books read" list....Though it seems to me I should be coming to you for recommendations! Glad you liked "Racing!" I loved it too...My favourite read of the last few months was "The Humans" by Matt Haig. If you haven't already, get hold of it pronto.