Monday, February 03, 2014


Yep I am utterly and completely  and entirely devastated.
Why you may ask .....     I hate to admit it but   I dropped my camera.   Now whilst I am not a great photographer, I really do love to point and snap.   I try to capture any moment that takes my fancy so that in my old age I can sit and (with the help of a magnifying glass probably) laugh and cry at some of the things that happened in my life.
So a new camera is on the cards, which I am dreading as my brain doesn't comprehend complicated instructions, I prefer the ON    OFF     LEFT     RIGHT   type of instruction.

Every cloud has a silver lining tho and I did manage to rescue photos I had snapped prior to the mishap

There are quite a few so I wont write much as I think they speak for themselves.

A reprieve from the Heat - Melbourne - Four Seasons in One Day.

It was 36 before dinner but now a C O L D

A stroll around the garden.   The fishpond area seems to have survived quite well.

But my poor Aggies are a sad sight.   But its not worth wasting the water as they will revive for next Summer

Some plants don't seem to have minded the heat,   Mainly Australian Natives

there's always an exception to the rule.   But how many times has the Scot told me DONT MOVE PLANTS IN THE SUMMER !!!!!!!!!!  but he can
I will replace the Bottle Bush in the Autumn

Yes this is an Australian Native and the birds love it.

The lawn, which is not a lawn, doesn't get water wasted on it,

Yesterday morning, even tho the temperature went up to 40 degrees, this was taken at approx. 7.30 am

and when its hot The Scot relaxes.

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Anonymous said...

Aww... SO sorry about your camera birdy! Can you not get 'like for like'? May have slightly different outer case but the buttons the same even if a later model? Very good that you were able to still access the photos.
Your fishpond is looking very pretty - what is the blue flower? And what is the water plant the fish have shelter under?
I can hardly believe that The Scot moved such a large plant/tree! It must have been really heavy with deep roots. Poor tree..... Lol. Still, at least HE gets a drink after the heat of the day, looking well contented there! Good luck with a new camera purchase. Hope you like the next model. Love and hugs, Jules.x