Friday, February 07, 2014


says the Scot
yes he is talking abut my sewing room.  Its not that I am a messy person its just that I have so much 'stuff'   and my brain is not very good at filing.
I was so pleased he felt well enough to sort out the what was The Computer room, which really is the 3rd bedroom.   But now is his computer room come guest bedroom if needed.   We don't have many overnight-stayers but The Princess stays, and No1 Son stays.  This is about once  a year for both of them, Middleson prefers to burn the rubber back to his wife, so you can see to keep it as a Guest Room would be a tad wasted.

It looks so good now and we have an Ottoman and spare sheet set (can always grab a quilt to keep warm)   for any time the kids might visit and stay over.
This is the computer room ready for the Princess last Saturday.


So back to my sewing room or The Studio sounds posh doesn't it?
This hot weather I usually walk around in shorts Tshirt and BARE FEET.  not a brilliant sight but at least I am cool.
but there has to be an exception to the rule......
the sewing room has been known to harbour stray pins and needles


A few moons ago before the Scot became sick, we both had a desk in the 3rd bedroom or what became The Computer Room.  When we did the reshuffle last week we took my desk out.   Now I wanted it in the The Studio but the Scot insisted it would not fit in with all my other 'junk'.    But yesterday we did a deal, I did him a favour and he reconstruct the desk, still convinced I would not have room...... but just look how well it fits.   And my light box fits under the overlap, it used to have to stay in a drawer.
Showing off my new camera some shots of the room,   but remember I don't usually show my messy room,   but it is in the process of being SORTED.


It looks messy but believe you me there is a lot of sorting to be done.   And I have 2 quilts cut out just waiting to be machined together.
I haven't posted anything Quilting or Sewing for so long now.   But as things are looking more positive I am determined to get back into my sewing.
errr     after I have tidied the mess.

This is a very long post but I have so much to tell.
We have a new toy,  courtesy of Origin our Electricity Folk.
This is connected wireless to our Smart Meter,  and it gives us various readings.   But we can see actual amount used, amount of solar that we generate into the grid, cost etc, etc,  very ingenious.  the Scot will now  know if I  leave the iron on or a heater etc. etc.
 as he has been such a help to me yesterday and today, I bought him his favourite... jam donut and made him a Strawberry Milkshake topped with homemade vanilla ice-cream.


Anonymous said...

A lovely set of pictures there birdy. Nice to see your sewing room is being sorted - and you were right, your desk fits very well! Eventually you will find a home for all your 'stash' and sewing things and they will be just where you want them and easily accessed. The computer room is lovely and bright, just right for visitors so we know that this next project will be worth waiting to see when complete.
The Scot is looking very smug with his 'rewards'. Nice. Two happy bunnies! L & H Jules.x

Vireya said...

Congratulations on sorting out your sewing room - I daren't even contemplate tackling mine at present!