Sunday, February 02, 2014


In fact a perfect Saturday ......
during the week I had an email  from Middle Son and a phone call from The Princess (so called as the Scot adores her and she was the sister sibling to her two older brothers.

Could they visit on Saturday .... Yes Yes Yes of course they could.   No1Son lives in Taiwan so he only visits once a year usually in June.   Middle Son lives East of us and The Princess lives South.  So its usually emails and phones calls that keep us connected. 

You will know where Taiwan is but this is The Princess.....    Us in Melbourne ..... the Middle Son.
The Princess arrived first bringing dinner.   It was a hot day and I had suggested I buy a Roast Chicken, and make a salad.    Nothing was mentioned about bread rolls.    The Princess had insisted she bring the chicken.    So early this morning I was at the bakery buying bread rolls.   Most of the salad came from the garden.  But when arrived she had brought bread rolls  plus apple pie, custard tart, and a couple of other goodies.
Now as you know The Scot doesn't eat big and I eat only slightly more,  but I now have 13 bread rolls in the freezer plus two loaves of bread and enough chicken in the fridge for two more dinners.  oh and did I mention Desserts.      When no 1Son last visited he said my kitchen was like a supermarket, if he came now he would say it was like a warehouse.   Think I need another freezer maybe a large chest type.
After lots of talk and cool drinks Middle Son arrived
He loves his motorbike, and as his wife was unable to visit, he thought it a great chance to burn some rubber.    Which I think he probably did.  But I am pleased to hear that he has all the safety equipment.   ummm  wonder if he gets this love of motorbikes from his Dad, as that was one of the reasons I first went with The Scot .... I wangled a ride on his Norton Dominator.
The Princess is staying the night, but she will be up and away with the birds, she too likes her home.  Middleson is meeting with old friends for a meal, and he has booked himself into the motel for the night,   this is great thinking as I know it will be late and he will have had a drink or two.
So the obligatory photos had to be taken.
Would you believe two of this  Terrible Trio
could grow up to become this handsome pair.    They have always had an affinity with each other, I am sure they are soul mates.   There is just 13 months between their birthdays.

and 3 of my four favourite folk.  

I nearly did a backward flip when I looked at these after loading them onto the laptop.  I couldn't believe how Middleson resembles his 'oleman'.

So all is quiet,  Middleson is probably snoring away in his air conditioned room.
the Scot and The Princess are sleeping soundly through the house and I am sitting here writing that I cant believe how lucky I have been with my life.    The Scot has always joked that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely posting birdy! And yes, middle offspring certainly takes after his ole man! Even has the bike!!!
The Princess looks pretty with her dimples and the photographs look very good. Great to look at the 'then' and 'now' isn't it?
No picture of mum with offspring though! Too busy packing the freezer no doubt! How lovely! What a nice day to remember and record. Jules. xxx <3

Vireya said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!