Thursday, January 16, 2014


If I could delete one month of the year I would have no hesitation in saying
take JANUARY   take JANUARY   it has to go.

Now you may ask why do I do vehemently hate January.

Would this explain
and that is in the shade on the patio,

I don't even bother wasting the water trying to maintain anything resembling a lawn.

but the weeds seem to survive exceptionally well.

During January everything looks and feels devoid of any moisture and that is exactly how I feel.  Yesterday was 42 degrees and today its much the same.

Supermarket shopping was needed today so I was out early and The Scot kindly helped (well mostly) packed the goods away when I returned.    Dinner was a salad sandwich with fruit and ice cream.   And tea will be a muffin followed by fruit.   I really try hard to keep the meals nourishing for The Scot whilst using as little electricity as possible.    There is a great demand on the electricity grid and many areas have had power cuts, so I do what little I can to avert one in our area.

My Mother would tell me not to wish my life away but I must admit I am l longing for Autumn with the warm days and warm nights.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so with you on that one birdy! It is a tad too much of a good thing - even for you, so it must be scorching!

Take care now, cool drinks. The weeds do well because they have long roots and find the deep water reserves. Hope you new plants are getting your TLC with a drink........

Daphne said...

Have to agree with you, Sheila! It's such an anti-climax after Christmas and the hot weather really sets in. I find myself wishing it was February so groups etc would start up again.

Sarah said...

Your January must be like our August. Its hot as hell and lasts forever!