Monday, January 06, 2014


except me now,

would you believe that 48 year ago I was mid air on my way to a new kind of life.
From the depths of winter in the UK, which had been my home for 21 years and a few days with the love of my life ummmmmm maybe I should change that to trouble,

Yes I was a 10pound pom,  but as you know the Scot if we decide to do something, that's it there is no turning back so here I am an Aussie by signature and

WE WON THE ASHES   5  -  NIL     5  - NIL   5 -Nil.

As my Father always taught me, when in Rome live as the Romans,

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Anonymous said...

But I now have an Auzzie cister! Using this and email, we are able to have a much smaller world to put to rights eh?!!!! :-D

5-Nil, 5-Nil, 5-Nil

Ok, I think we get the message lol! xxx