Friday, January 31, 2014


The temperatures continue to hit 35 and over here in Melbourne. 
This morning I had some anticipated Breakfast Guests

These uninvited but extremely colourful and noisy guys usually visit us at the end of January, feasting on our fruit trees.  I found this link which will give you some facts about them

We live 10 minutes from The Crematorium, which is a huge expanse of land and caters for all denominations and Religions,   it is a very quiet place with beautifully laid out landscape gardening. Very peaceful and maybe not the correct word but enjoyable place to visit on a warm (not hot) afternoon.   Wide pathways enable you to walk all the great expanse and there is a small coffee shop to refresh yourself before leaving.    On our next walk I will take some photos, 
But if interested you may find these links interesting

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet! The information site is most interesting too.
The Crem looks outstandingly peaceful and beautiful - I can see why it is somewhere you actually enjoy visiting, birdy. And this is exactly how it should be. Thank you for the site's information. xxx