Sunday, December 08, 2013


Do you ever get ditties stuck in your the moment mine is
Christmas is Coming the Geese are Getting Fat
Please put a penny in the Old Mans Hat.
and we don't even have goose for Christmas lol.

Guess that lets on how many Christmases I have seen.  But I just love Christmas.   So many lovely memories of my childhood in England.   We were very poor but Christmas was always celebrated.

Now supposedly grown up, my Christmas in Australia is quite different.

When the 3 kids were home it was great, even with the dreaded paper chains lol.

They are now all out making the World a Better place and it has to be telephone calls on Christmas Day.  But my highlight of Christmas  Day is to talk with them on the telephone.
The first  year The Scot and I were just Derby and Joan.... I didn't bother with any decorations .  December 1st came and went and the Scot said ..where are the decorations and as the kids were close by then they all wanted to know where the decorations were.    Since that year I have always made quite a thing about Christmas as you will see when I give you my Christmas Tour next week but meanwhile here are some 'spoilers'
Welcome to no 21 
and my 2013 downsized Christmas Tree.   We used to have a real one, but they don't last very long in the heat of summer,
Even tho there has been some decorating I have managed to do some gardening.
Does anyone know the name of this flower.  
 It suddenly appeared in the corner of the fishpond area.   It seems to die after flowering but another baby one emerges from the base.  I have no idea where it came from.

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Anonymous said...

You are ahead of us by more than one day birdy, that is for sure! All looking very lovely and festive and happy with memories and things to look forward to. Lovely.
Your flower I believe is a Clivia. Very beautiful. xxx