Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the end of A PERFECT DAY

I am sitting here in the lounge next to my Favourite Man, the doors are open and the ceiling fan humming.   The kids all rang and I am quite at peace with The World.  One thing I hope for is Peace in 2014.

Now for my very belated and very downsized Christmas Tour 2013.   I just cant let Christmas go by unacknowledged so even tho we are just the two of us I always put the tree and lights, and my hang my Christmas Quilts.

So are you ready ......

Welcome to No 21

As we open the front door

My favourite Possum designed and crafted by Middle Son. 
Anything that stands still gets decorated.

My Aussie Oldie Fashioned Christmas

Turn right and looking into the lounge

The Christmas Tree

Who else comes home to rest ..........

and of course Rudolf, after a hard days night
then turn right looking into the Dining Area

The only Santa I purchased this year.    Goodness me must make up for that next year.
btw he is filled with chocolate coins
Santa's twinkling over the kitchen window

 The Gang

and now onto the patio.   Decorations very downsized this year but still festive.

and back inside the hallway.   Very difficult to get good photos here.

this is one of my oldest quilts made in the 1980's but it still puts a smile on my face.
and a candid shot of The Scot ....... resting after his turkey and roast veg.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tour! Thank you for that birdy. I shall visit again to savour the decorations so lovingly and carefully put in place. Lots of beautiful work in those quilts and how lovely to see them enjoyed in their season of glory. It is always a pleasure to see an old friend and those quilts must hold many memories for you both.
Thank you again. xxx

ozjane said...

Lovely to see the annual show of Christmas joy in pictures and quilts.
I am itching to take mine down but handyman is away till the 18th. Not sure I can live with all this STUFF till then.......LOL.
Prayers for better health and continued recovery in 2014

Andrea said...

Your decorations are so bright and pretty. I love all your beautiful red and green Christmas quilts, how they set a wonderful holiday mood. Happy New Year and may 2014 be a good year for you, the Scot and your family. If you can find a way to send a little of your Australian sun and heat this way, it would take the bite off our dreadful cold here in Minnesota!