Friday, December 20, 2013


Whilst being a bit of a Christmas   Nuthead I am not a great fan of the outdoor lights.
But my one exception is shown in the photo above.  This is the pot bought at an Auction about 35 years ago, the plant - some sort of fern (you can tell the colour of my thumb) which did no good in the ground but just seems to thrive in this pot with the occasional feed of banana peel chopped down into water.
This lights are 3 sets actually each having 2 AA batteries.
The Christmas Tour photos are being sorted so should make tomorrows post.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Will look for pictures birdy. <3

Andrea said...

I like the old - fashioned style lights the best, done sparingly. It's very pretty and the planter is too. We can barely get ferns to survive indoors here in Minnesota.