Wednesday, December 18, 2013


many moons ..... water under the bridge (even tidal waves at times) .... tempus fugit

yes another birthday comes around and as The Scot says I am pushing 80 now, even if I have just slid past the seven O signpost.

Sometimes, especially these past few months I have felt more like 90 but things are sorting themselves out.  unfortunately the poor ole bones still feel the 70 years.
But life has been good, not easy at times but being a cup running over type person even storm clouds have silver linings. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely collage birdy. And many happy returns of your day again! It stops at 70, anyone now asks, then this is the number you give! Unless the Scot has you running around doing jobs you don't want - then you say you are far too old - after all, pushing 80 and 90 beyond that..... lol.
Enjoy your age reversal years - teenager again... Live the high life or stay in bed all day - you choose! :-D And certainly act dumb and get 'adults' to help you! 30 -70 yr olds are good at this. :-D xxx

Vireya said...

Happy birthday! I hope the year ahead will be wonderful for you.

Andrea said...

Hello, I have visited your blog regularly and enjoy both your writing and seeing your quilts. May you, the Scot and your family have a blessed Christmas.

Rick Watson said...

I behind you a few years, but I think I'm catching up, if you listen to my knees when I stand. But I agree that for the most part, I feel I've lived a charmed life.