Monday, December 02, 2013


well that was yesterday and according to the monthly rule
In some parts of the world, such as Australia, seasons begin on the first day of a particular calendar month - in March for Autumn, June for Winter, September for Spring and December for Summer. In other countries such as Britain, it’s accepted that the seasons begin on the dates that the Earth passes four special points in its orbit about the Sun.

Regardless it was a beautiful Summer Day , shopping done and dusted in the morning and  then in the afternoon I finished clearing the patio (I like to do this before Christmas, so that we get to spend the hot days the Scot usually sleeping (He says its reading the maps on his eyelids) and me just stitching and listening to books on the swing seat.

But also its the first day of December and I like to put the decorations out.   this year I felt I needed to downsize a bit as the past months have been a strain.  So during the week I let the Santas out and started hanging the Christmas Quilts.
I downsized the Christmas Tree by not using the bottom tier.

The Scot is the one who always put the lights on first at night .....

so yesterday we had

The Great Craigie Switch On

Apologies for the quality of the photos but more will come later in The Tour of The Christmas Home.


Anonymous said...

Happy Summer! And Happy Advent..

Your Tree looks lovely birdy and just right, smaller but very cheery still.

Enjoy the Season and all the happy, relaxing times ahead. :-D

Much love from us both. J&

Rick Watson said...

We're going for our tree today, but it's much colder here - 33 degrees F this morning with wind out of the north.
Rick, your latest follower.