Tuesday, November 05, 2013


A beautiful day today.  Washing on the line nearly dry.

and this afternoon I plan to sit on my swing seat for the first time since last summer.

Lots of house work to do but who needs the housekeeper when

I have


The Snow Queen

the Scot loves homemade vanilla ice-cream.
and The Laundry King

Today is the day of The Race that Stops the Nation.... the Melbourne Cup.   Being the last of the big gamblers I have $5 to win and $5 for a win and place on Horse no 7.   All my eggs in the one basket, don't know the name of the horse, but then 7 is a good number.
Of course The Scot is more cautious and has a couple of quinellas, whatever they may be, and he has been studying form all morning.   So lets see if we can make our fortune, well an addition to our pocket money anyway lol:
ummm  now I know why I am not a gambler..... my horse was somewhere near the back, probably keeping the last horse company.
The Scot ................. if I've been told once I've been told a million times  HE WON   $146.  well done Scot.   Me back to the housework then sewing. :)


Vireya said...

Good luck with your bets!

Anonymous said...

Hey - you little gambler you! Well, seems we have to rephrase that - non gambler married to "he who studies form wins!" lol
Pleased that you can retire to the swing seat to lick your wounds! Enjoy happy, sunny days. xxx Jules.

ozjane said...

Glad Ricardo is working well.
The ice cream maker looks great also.