Thursday, November 28, 2013


Last night I was all set with a huuuuge amount of ironing, well it had been a beautiful sunny, slightly windy day  and the washing line had been filled twice.

and .....................
the iron decided it had had enough.

So a trip to Target to buy a new one.     I thought this would be a quick and easy task, but there were so many to choose from.    So by deduction I came home with

and he irons beautifully.
but I just couldn't resist the shop next door.......
and look what I found
Isn't he gorgeous, he came complete with choc chip cookies, and a bargain price.
I have started putting out the Christmas Goodies.    The Quilts are hanging, the Santas are chomping at the bit and the tree is sorted.  Smaller this year.  I wanted a smaller one but the Scot has convinced me that it  looks good minus the bottom level
So watch this space.
At long last the weather has realised its Summer.   A beautiful week and its officially Summer on Sunday.


Molly said...

My life is going by too fast as it is --- stop trying to speed things up!
Glad you liked "Heartbeats." I just finished "The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D" which you might also like. Somehow when I add things to the reading list on my blog it goes to the bottom instead of the top. You'll find some good titles there if you haven't already. We're going crazy here cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow. And on Fri. I pick up "Suite Francaise" which is waiting for me at the library.
Tell Santa to chill. Take his hat off and put up his legs for a spell!

Cheers, Molly

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... oh dear girl, you will never change! What a cheery chappy your santa is. Glad he has found a place to rest before his big night! Don't forget to leave one of his biscuits for him and a carrot - hope the reindeer don't damage the roof - your Scot will be on the warpath with his ladder again.... Nice to see you ready for your shhhh... BIG BIRTHDAY on the 15th :-D