Saturday, November 09, 2013


and then there are slaves ..................

now I will leave you to answer this from the following ...... this was after tea.   We now have our dinner or hot meal in the middle of the day.
The Scot usually has a cuppa (of tea) and I have coffee.

sorry  about the bad photograph but I didn't want to wake him by using the flash.   The photo was a tad dark but I lightened it in Photoimpact.
The slave does get a little time off, usually late at night and I have now finished listening to Mao's Last Dancer ..... a book you should read.   As mentioned in a previous post, watched I the movie on the TV this was great, but nothing compared to the book.   A definite five stars and I will read again.   What to read now ..... ummm do Miss Fisher and Jack call me or shall I try something new.


Molly said...

Hopefully you have found something to read by now Birdy --- "Heartbeat" maybe? The Sense of an Ending was another 5 five star read....

He looks like a fairly docile master.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.... Your master sleeps contentedly - bless him.
Where is the bell to summon the slave? Now please don't tell me you have purloined it? lol.

I must go - my master wishes me to give his hair a trim before I cook the main meal - low fibre, day two of three. Chicken, potato, boiled and mashed, with peeled carrots. Stewed and sieved apples and custard! xxx