Saturday, November 02, 2013


well I woke to  a beautiful day, sunny, blue sky and not a cloud in sight.

so what to do ..... its a case of the well laid plans of mice and men .......      so the washing machine is
working away, the sheets are off the bed, the washing is sorted into piles, I think by mid morning the clothes line will  be full.  Hopefully it will all be dry by tea time but unfortunately that means ironing to night.   Still its a contented feeling when its all done.   In the meantime I think Ricardo is gearing himself up.  Its nice not to have to either get on all fours or move the bed to chase the dust bunnies away.

If I get my socks into gear I should have time to do some stitching later in  the evening.  This is what I started last night

Yes you do see Christmas Fabrics.  It thought it about time to get started on My Favourite Time of The Year Projects.
its only
have YOU started your Christmas List.


Anna McCurdy said...

the seasons are turning here too- white stuff is floating down from the sky and the temperature is dropping- I expect that the ground will be white when I wake up tomorrow morning-
Hope all is well with you and the Scot.. I have not blogged much recently but hope to do a little better in that area.
warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Oh my golly gosh! You are busy birdy... Just attempting to think about Christmas. xxx