Thursday, November 21, 2013


So much stress and strife in the past few months that it was really nice to receive such a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday

from my dear cister Jules in England, who is stressing a little with  things to

Her and her Superman (her hubby is just like the Scot) were on holiday and saw the
card and he told her she had to make it for me.   And she promptly did

isn't it just fun

and a reminder that its only


I think this year my decorations will have to be toned down a little but I think I  can hear the Santa's stirring and tomorrow I am off to buy a new tree.  Slightly smaller but it must be bushy.

The list of to do has mostly ticks, now to make sure I get them in the mail on time

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha - oh birdy, when told to jump, we say "how high?".

I am SO far behind that apart from a few efforts, Christmas this year may be a little short on the usual trimmings too. Getting things out of storage in the roof is way beyond expectation but maybe a return to my early years would not be a bad thing? Cotton wool snow and tinsel covered milk bottle tops! We pack old traditional things away so carefully that to attempt the usual unveiling of certain items means rummaging in large boxes which are neatly sealed - thereby upsetting (or losing even), old favourites! Oh no, no, this cannot happen! Next year maybe when my strong man is able once more to do the heavy work from a small roof space access, down the loft ladder and down two flights of stairs....
I await your usual 'gang' smiling cheerfully away birdy.. :-D